Rich – Silicon Toilet Brush with Slim Holder Flex Toilet Brush Anti-drip Set Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush


Rich is a leading brand in cleaning tools and supplies. We bring premium household cleaning products aimed at making home cleaning less like a chore and more convenient. These products are impeccably designed for easy to use and easy to maintain.


About this item

  • Silicon Toilet Brush with Wall mounting Sticker Slim Holder Set Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush, No-Slip Long Handle Soft Silicone Toilet Brush
  • Silicone brush head is safe to the glazed surface of toilet,stays completely clean in the whole process.
  • Making your cleaning easier :- the toilet brush head with silicone design has better toughness, can be bent flexibly to clean most areas inside the toilet, easy to the gap and the corners that are hard to get, it can go deep into pipes and grooves, such as the lower flange part, which can effectively improve your cleaning efficiency
  • Reliable and convenient :- the brush head is made of silicone material, soft, strong and dense, not scratch the toilet and not easy to deform, the handle is made of plastic, sturdy and comfortable to hold; The 360-degree design of makes it easy to remove spots and stains, the wide cleaning surface is effective in cleaning, and the large bristle makes it less prone to tangling hair and other dirt
  • Easy draining design :- the toilet brush is easier to dry and drain, the hidden ventilation slot allows water vapor to evaporate from the bottom, making the brush can get dry in a short time
  • Meet different needs: this soft silicone toilet brush can be applied not only for flush toilets, but also ideal for cleaning sinks, wash basins, bathtubs and other places that need to be cleaned, providing strong friction effect and more conveniences, practical tool for your home use


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