Rich – Plastic Bold Double Side Toilet Cleaning Brush


Rich is a leading brand in cleaning tools and supplies. We bring premium household cleaning products aimed at making home cleaning less like a chore and more convenient. These products are impeccably designed for easy to use and easy to maintain.



Durable Construction
Round Toilet Brush is durable and dense PP fibers create long lasting bristles for strong cleaning ability but won’t scratch the toilet bowl.

Unique Design
Elegant and stylish design works for any bathroom; it’s a must-have accessory for your toilet bowl cleaning. It’s difficult to deformation and it can remove stains forcefully. It will help you to clean bathroom easily. Bristles are crimped to hold water and solutions when in use.

Space Saving
Round Toilet Brush compact design of toilet cleaner brush fits into a small bathroom, can be tucked away in a narrow bathroom without being noticed. Simple look of the toilet brush can go with any style of bathroom.

About this item

  • Perfect Shaped Double Sided Head for Dual cleaning
  • Acid Proof for Bristes
  • Very Easy to clean under the toilet and it’s cover.
  • Unique double hockey stick design help reach corner of toilet and clean them for spotless bacteria free cleaning
  • Made from bacteria guard bristles which reduces the risk of cross contamination. It is resistant to the growth of mole and mildew.
  • Curved long handle provides better reach and easy cleaning of inner rim and scrubs stubborn stains. Its thick and tough bristles clean better and last longer.
  • Environmental Safe and can be used in both Indian and western toilet
  • Ergonomic design, made of sturdy plastic. multi Colour


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