Rich – M Fold Tissue Paper


At Rich we offer excellent range of m fold tissue paper napkins. These tissue paper napkins are very soft and highly absorbent. M fold tissue papers are used in toilets and washrooms. It is easy and comfortable to open in order to make full use of it. Ezee maintains the quality of the products very well.

  • Tissue papers are soft, light and made of high quality materials. These come with absorbent pockets that helps to absorb the water fast and keeps the hand dry. These tissue papers can be placed in universal dispensers so as to prevent them from being over used. These can be used for office kitchen, restroom or for drying your face.
  • Highly Absorbent :These tissues are highly absorbent. They have super absorbent pockets that wick away the water and perspiration in an instant. It also improves your hygiene.
  • Pack of 1000 sheets :These tissue paper come in a pack of 1000 sheets. These can fit into universal dispensers as trifold paper towels or multi-fold paper towels.
  • Moisture Resistant :These tissues are smooth and resistant to moisture. They do not get damp or saggy due to natural moisture present in the air, making them ideal for a bathroom environment.
  • Purpose: It is made for the purpose of cleaning and drying applications. It can be used as face tissues, paper towels, toilet tissue, and table napkins. These can be used for both house and office


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